17 October 2011

Sadisnya Budak di Gilis Truck di Market...

Aku malas nak translate dah pandai-pandai hangpa la baca...
Manusia sudah tidak ada nilainya lagi.....

Shocking start at 1:06
This video is came from a news program in china.
A little girl got rolled by a truck, people just walked by and ignored that girl and had another truck also rolled over her.

meanwhile , many people passed by but they did nothing .

A few minutes passed , another van crushed the girl , again. The little girl was almost die at the moment, she shaked her tiny hands , appeared that she was asking for help .

But those cruel passerby still did nothing and have gone . There were also a few cars passed by and it was very dangerous .
As we have counted , there were 20 people passed by within 9 minutes and no one helped , not even the mother with kid.Some drivers stopped and checked out what's going on , but there was still no one would help the little girl , not even take out their phone and call the police .
They just let the little girl lay on the floor and groaned in pain , let those car passed her by .

At last , it was the one bag ladies who helped , she carried the little girl from the middle of the road to the roadside .

When the girl was being carried , we can see that her bones were all broken and her body could no longer support her weight